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Avian Treasure Hunt:

  The Central Valley

Advanced Birding Class, Golden Gate Audubon Society  

Sandhill Cranes
Sandhill Cranes

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Sandhill Cranes
Sandhill Cranes

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Meeting Location

Unlike other regions in California, the Central Valley is a hotspot for bird activity and diversity during the Winter. The Valley's wetlands, grasslands and croplands alone host over 44 species of wintering and resident waterfowl and wading birds. Moreover, the area is home to about 21 species of raptors at this time of the year including bald eagles, merlins, burrowing owls, rough-legged and ferruginous hawks. Through this class you’ll get practical tips to find birds in the Central Valley with an emphasis on avian habitat selection, bird calls/song, and behavior. We’ll also discuss how water resources management in California and climate change are influencing avian diversity and distribution in the region.



Class Materials 
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Class materials available to download for students currently enrolled in class. To view sign up using your class password.

January 17-21, 2018


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Juan-Carlos Solis


Class Materials

I.  Classroom Session: Introduction

II. Classroom Session: Bird Migration & Vagrancy

III. Classroom Session: Bird Migration (Cont.) / Shorebirds

IV. Classroom Session: Waterfowl / Seabirds

Migrant Treasure Hunt Selected Readings and Resources

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