Throughout his career, Juan-Carlos has been praised for his hands-on teaching style, enthusiasm and vision for environmental education. Juan Carlos  pioneered the delivery of interpretive programming at the California Academy of Sciences and significantly contributed to the design of the highly interactive model of the new Academy. Moreover, as Director of Education for WildCare, Juan-Carlos founded new programs serving thousands of children and families with field trips to some of the Bay Area’s most beautiful parks, including Muir Woods, China Camp and Spring Lake. Through one of these programs, WildCare Family Adventures, and in collaboration with the Audubon Society and Point Blue (former PRBO), Juan-Carlos organized the very first bilingual / bicultural Christmas Bird Count for Latino families in the United States in 2009.


Juan-Carlos (right, back) with birding group in the Pantanal, Brazil

Quetzal Adventures


Quetzal Adventures offers unique opportunities to experience the wonders of nature up-close. Whether it’s meeting a baby Gray Whale in Mexico or photographing Hyacinth Macaws in Brazil, We're committed to offering an adventure you'll love, we promise.


Our inspiration: The Resplendent Quetzal (Pharomacrus mocinno), the sacred bird of the ancient Aztec and Mayan civilizations and a threatened species, represents nature’s unique beauty and our inspiration to explore and protect our natural world. 

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About Juan-Carlos


Founder Juan-Carlos Solis is passionate about connecting people to nature and designing programs to experience our planet first-hand. He’s a seasoned expedition leader and naturalist with 20 years of experience managing and leading local trips in California and in all of the world’s 7 continents. While working as Public Programs Manager for the California Academy of Sciences for 9 years and Field Associate for the Ornithology and Mammalogy Research Department, he led several local and international natural history programs including Academy Travel Expeditions to Antarctica, Baja California, Mexico and Canada’s West Coast. He continues to lead trips for other companies and has lectured on environmental education topics in India, Australia, Panama, Chile, Argentina, Mexico, and most recently in Sweden.