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Migrant Treasure Hunt:

  Fall Migration

Advanced Birding Class, Golden Gate Audubon Society  

PRWA © Juan-Carlos Solis

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PRWA © Juan-Carlos Solis

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Prepare for the migrant treasure hunt and sharpen your birding skills by better understanding local bird distribution patterns in time and space. Through this 4-week advanced class we’ll review how seasonal changes in various Bay Area habitats influence the birds you’ll expect to find in the field, particularly migrants and vagrants. You’ll get practical birding tips on what to look for throughout the seasons when “hunting” for migratory birds in the Fall.


At the end of this course you’ll be better prepared to find local migrant and vagrant birds with confidence. Moreover, the principles you’ll learn regarding bird distribution in relation to seasonal changes and habitats apply to any place you may explore around the world.



Class Materials 
(Only for enrolled students)

Class materials available to download for students currently enrolled in class. To view sign up using your class password.

September 13-October 8, 2016

   4 Tue. Evening Classes

    4 Sat. Field Trips


 GGAS Members: $130

   Non-Members:    $150


Limited to 20 participants

Registration opens August 4


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Juan-Carlos Solis


Class Materials

I.  Classroom Session: Introduction

II. Classroom Session: Bird Migration & Vagrancy

III. Classroom Session: Bird Migration (Cont.) / Shorebirds

IV. Classroom Session: Waterfowl / Seabirds

Migrant Treasure Hunt Selected Readings and Resources

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